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Dual Currency Certificate

Discount Certificates are suitable for investors who anticipate a stagnating or a moderately rising or falling price of the underlying instrument.

AMINA Dual Currency Certificates can be customized to match your goals and risk appetite.

Available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and Solana.

If this market expectation is fulfilled the investor will achieve a higher yield than they would by investing directly in the underlying.

  • The Certificate is issued at a discount to the current price of the underlying in relation to the USD.
  • Investors receive the maximum yield if the price of the underlying equals or exceeds the strike price
  • If the underlying trades below the strike price at maturity, the investor is exposed to a price downside and may lose up to the entire investment

The Product is aimed at investors who

  • want to generate a profit in sideways markets
  • are looking for the flexibility to sell their investment at any time
  • want to achieve the highest yield in the market

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